Break it to me gently

A man who goes on vacation, leaving his house and the care of his beloved cat to a friend. Two days into the vacation the man calls home to see how things are going. His friend tells him his cat is dead. The guy is stunned, he’s devastated. He yells at his friend for being so insensitive.

“That’s not how you tell somebody about death. You break it to him gently over a couple of days. For example, when I called today you should’ve told me my cat is on the roof and that you can’t get her down. Then in a day or two you could tell me the cat is off the roof, but in the hospital, recovering from its fall from the roof. After a few more days, then you tell me my cat is dead. That’s how it’s done.”

The friend apologizes and hangs up the phone.

A couple of days later the guy on vacation calls his friend again. “So, how is everything going?” “Fine,” says his friend, “except your mother is on the roof.”


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