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Richard Wagner, M.Div., Ph.D., ACS

Richard is psychotherapist/clinical sexologist in private practice since 1981.  He lives and works in Anacortes, WA.

He has been working with terminally ill, chronically ill, elder and dying people in hospital, hospice, and home settings for over 30 years. He facilitates support groups for care-providers and clinical personnel, and provides grief counseling for survivors both individually and in group settings.

He founded Paradigm Programs Inc., an innovative nonprofit organization as an outreach to and resource for terminally ill, seriously ill, elder and dying people.

He was honored with the prestigious University of California San Francisco Chancellor’s Award for Public Service in 1999 for his work with sick, elder and dying people.

He is also the author of Longfellow And The Deep Hidden Woods, a critically acclaimed children’s book that addresses the topics of death and bereavement.

He designs, develops, and produces long and short term in-service training seminars and workshops for helping and healing professionals.

He often speaks in the public forum on policy issues related to religion, human sexuality, aging, death and dying, living with chronic illness, and moral development.

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