My Last Day

By Michael Henry



Unfortunately we all die, and today had to come. If anything it’s a relief. Between my old age and failing kidneys, every day was becoming increasingly uncomfortable — These last few weeks, especially. None the less, I did my best to enjoy each and every day.

Since today could not be avoided, we decided to make an event out of it. Who doesn’t want to spend their last moments having a good time with loved ones?

My Breakfast

001You can’t start any day without a healthy breakfast — let alone second breakfast, or elevensies, but I digress. Today was no exception, but we had to take it over the top.

I really enjoyed my breakfast

My human, Michael, made me a wonderful decadent breakfast with my favorite things: Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers (Beef) with Archetype powered rabbit mixed in. It may not sound great to you, but YUM!

I *REALLY* enjoyed my breakfast


I think I overate. So good. So full. Need to relax.
Look! The sun!

Oh, yeah.
Eating is so much work
Eating is so much work

Oh wait, I am in the middle of telling a story…

Brushing and reminiscing

Once I recovered from my breakfast-sun coma, I spent some time with my humans, Mike and Tracy. They brushed me, petted me, and we talked about my life.

Right… there…
Right… there…

We talked about how I was born in New York City in 1994.

A t-shirt my first human, Sui, designed based on me, in 2002.

We talked about my first human, Sui and how much I miss her. I used to climb up the ladder of her loft bed, in the East Villiage. I’d follow her too close and occasionally she’d end up stepping on me. She made an awesome t-shirt based on me.

We talked about how my human, Michael, won my heart with his constant affection. I claimed him as mine in 1999 — When he would go to work, he would pet me goodbye. The day I decided he was mine, I grabbed his hand when he went to leave, and pulled him back. Literally! I didn’t want to let him go, and stayed with him the next 16 years.

Me, Newt, and Mulder in 2007

We talked about my bully of a brother, Mulder (1994–2009), who I still loved, and miss. He was always the outgoing one, and twice my size. He wasn’t so bad most of the time, but occasionally he was so mean to me.

We talked about moving to Colorado and all the years there.

We talked about the years with the dog, Ripley (2005-?) — I never liked him. He was never mean to me, he was just a dog. Tried to smell my butt all the time. Ick!

We talked about my adopted sister, Newt (2006–2009). She was annoying, but truly I didn’t mind her as much as I let on. Such a young ball of energy, and sadly lived up to the bit about curiosity and cats.
We also talked about moving to Seattle, and how I decided to stop being so shy. One day I was curious, so started going out and introducing myself to people. It was amazing!

We talked about my final human, Tracy. She was reluctant, at first. Eventually I won her over and claimed her as mine. She was always so affectionate to me. She was always there to help Michael take care of my health needs this last year.

So much affection today
I decided Michael needed help learning fashion photography. Here I am directing him and the model.


So much affection today

After so much talking and affection, I needed a break

Resting and Health

When cats get as old as I do, it often comes with health complications. I’m certainly no exception. because of it, I need to rest. More and more every day.

My kitty stairs and bed. I’m so weak I can’t hop 12-inches any more, let alone climb it.
So cumfy, back in the sun again!
So cumfy, back in the sun again!

After a year, I’m barely able to walk any more. My body aches and I’m so tired. After a final vet visit, we discovered my kidneys are in the final stages of failure. At this point my health is declining by the day. Don’t even remind me of the grand-mal seizures, they suck!

Rather than have me slowly suffer over the next few weeks (at most), we decided to have a relatively happy ending.

Final Moments

Not long after getting into my bed did I finally fall asleep. I was so tired from the day’s activities that I didn’t even awake when the vet arrived. That’s a good thing, it would have made me anxious.

While laying there I felt a prick on my side. By time I realized what was happening, the drugs were already sedating me.


After that, Michael picked me up one last time, and held me as a drifted away.


Final Thoughts

One of the things Michael always loved about me is that no matter how tough life was for us, I was always affectionate and loving. I always adapted, and tried to make the best of a situation, faster than any other cat he’s known.

If you don’t try to enjoy every good moment, why bother living? We should enjoy every moment we get.

Oh yeah, and and last night I left a gift for my humans to remember me by. Don’t ruin the surprise!



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